Customers, clients and team members are
all at the heart of our business model, and
we aim to deliver results for everyone.

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Large Fortune 500 firms outsource
their customer acquisition and marketing
to us to achieve superb results through
innovative and customized campaigns.

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Our promotional campaigns and events endorse some
of the finest spas, hotels and restaurants in the country.

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Throughout Southern California, OnPoint OC is making waves by offering a unique form of customer acquisition and direct marketing: promotional certificates. Not only does this platform expose customers to new goods and services, but it also allows both small and large retailers to generate revenue year-round. For sports, hospitality, catering and travel firms, we’re here to build brands and help forge a trusting relationship with customers.

The Point of OnPoint is to Help You Grow

OnPoint OC drives impressive growth for local businesses and Fortune 500 corporations alike. The engine for this growth is our group of engaging, charismatic, talented and entrepreneurially-minded team members. Each OnPoint OC team member has received extensive training and mentorship on how to excel in the industry, and is encouraged to leverage their creativity and individuality to the full benefit of our clients. Each client we represent receives their own personal cheerleader to put the best face possible on their brand and convey the unique and desirable qualities of their products with authority.

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